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XMind Pro is software related to the learning. This software is the best mind mapping software & also a brainstorming software. This software has been developed by the XMind limited. This software helps in:

  • Managing the elements
  • The ideas can be captured easily
  • The thinking can be clarified
  • The complex information is manageable
  • The team collaboration can be promoted
  • The productivity is higher

This software has been recommended & rated highly. The usage of this software is very famous nowadays. This software has been selected as the best mind mapping software. This software well-supported the following functions, like:

  • Mind maps
  • Diagrams of the fish bone
  • Diagrams of the tree
  • Charts of an organization
  • Spreadsheets

This software is basically used for the purpose of the knowledge. It is also helpful in:

  • Management of the knowledge
  • Minutes of the meeting are manageable
  • Management of the task
  • GTD

This software can help in mind read & also the files related to this. The data related to this is then saved in the Evernote. The mind maps which are designed are exported to the following documents, like:

  • Microsoft word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Free Mind
  • Mind jet Mind Manager

This software offers all in one package & this software is highly assisted. The features of this software can be enjoyed after downloading the software. The updates of the software & features are updated automatically. This software is very easy in use & helps the people in improving the thinking of the thinking & helps in the visual global thinking.

This software helps in working efficiently & makes the work thinking by organizing it in the mannered & organized way. The ideas are constructed in a very productive way. With the help of the comprehensive agenda, the meeting can be arranged in well-ordered manner. All the details get assemble in a single map form in a hierarchal structure. This tool is much assisted & let you work efficiently.

XMind Pro

XMind Pro

Features of XMind Pro

Nothing has been changed in this software but there have been added many cool features in it to make it valuable. The features of this software that make it unique are as follows:

  • Easy in use
  • Helps in easy visual thinking & the best tool
  • The information can be managed in a very proper way
  • The meeting can plan in a well-mannered way
  • The sharing of the local network can be added
  • Different layouts are present to manage all the things
  • The style of the editing introduced is new
  • Different files can be added to document & get saved there
  • Printable can be made

System Requirements & other Details

The details & the requirement of the system are as follows:

  • Full size of the setup: 114 MB
  • Compatible with: X32 bit & X64 bit
  • Working Operating systems: 7, 8 , Vista & XP
  • RAM memory required: 256 MB RAM
  • Free space on the hard disk required: 200 MB
  • Processor speed: 800 MHz processor or the later

Download the software & get improved the process of the learning.



Full Version

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