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Windows 10 (Pro Core X64 1511 Version April 2016 ISO)

Overview about the Windows 10     

Windows 10 are the best windows discovered so far. These are the most featured windows with all kind of functions & working. As the technology is increasing day by day, the programs have become more advanced day by day. This advancement is necessary with the technology of the today. The things are becoming more & more difficult & tough. To tackle all those difficulties, there are getting more features being added in the operating systems & the Microsoft windows as well. It is a common saying that necessity is the mother of the invention.

More about the Features & Development of Windows 10

Windows 10 are the updated & upgraded windows in order to enhance the functioning. Microsoft windows took about span of 30 years to take its right place in the world of technology & now it is the best time to explore all about the features of the Microsoft windows. These are the very efficient windows & are designed for all kinds of devices that want to be work with more up gradation, working & functioning. Windows 10 are featured with many new things & most importantly designed for the offices & professional working as well.

Windows 10 are developed by the Microsoft world. These are the best-operating windows. These windows are very personalized & highly functional. There are so many universal application features in these windows & thus there is no such a problem which cannot be solved. There is the guidance given by the Windows 10.

Windows 10 are the best windows so far & are featured with new kind of designed start menu bar, the fast browser that responds very efficiently, much application that needs to be logged in through an account, so there is no chance of any leakage of your personal data. These are the personalized windows.

Fame of the Windows 10

Windows 10 are the easiest & extract of all the windows previously used by the users & operators in order to gain more results that are more beneficial & working in the service of computer operators & other professionals as well those working in the offices. There are some adjustments are done which operators think that they were deficient in the previous versions. Now, this is it & windows efficient working has proved that this is all we want. These windows are in use all around the world & the review of the people is very positive about these windows.

 Windows 10

Windows 10

Further Requirements for the Windows 10

Although all the features have been described above but there are some requirements of the Windows to 10, those should be fulfilled & after that, the Windows 10 will fulfill your requirements & need as well. These requirements are as follows;

  • The full name of the software is Windows 10 Pro Core x64 1511 Version April 2016 ISO while the setup file name is different shortly.
  • The full size of the file setup is about 4.1 GB & the setup of the file can be installed offline.
  • The compatibility of the system should be 64 bit while its license provided is the full free trial.
  • The memory of the RAM required is the 2 GB while that of hard drive required is 16 GB of the free space as well.
  • The processor wants to be 1GHz Intel Pentium or other.