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Why We Need a Good Construction and Estimating Software

As a commercial or residential contractor you need control over your operations. But when you are relying solely on QuickBooks or simply accounting with excel to run your business, control seems just out of reach. While these programs are great for writing cheques and tracking balances, they are not designed to manage your growing construction operation. With web based software, you get pieces of solution but never the whole pie, you can’t perform vital functions, and you are at the mercy of speed of your internet connection.


Fact is, you need something more, you need a solution that helps you share information and share it quickly, a system of enhanced tools that guides you through your entire building process, providing the right tools for the right hands. A reliable software package like Procore, PlanGrid, iSqFt for General Contractors, Xactimate, AccuLynx, PlanSwift that works with your existing software to meet your growing operational needs. Get the blueprints to build better with AccuLynx or PlanSwift. It is full scale construction management software that works directly with your current program in one software suite. You get vast number of plug and play tools that allows you to access sales, job casting, budget and scheduling information in real time. Whether you are in commercial or residential building construction software allows you to streamline your building process, eliminate mistakes and errors, and increase your bottom-line quickly and efficiently. Construction software ensure you’re investing in a tool that grows with you. Over the decade PlanSwift’s process management tools has helped residential and commercial contractors run more profitable business.


Let’s look at how these ERP Cloud Based construction software works, meet john, a growing home builder, John’s building process was frustrating, slow estimating and bid management were digging into his profitability, then john discovered PlanSwift, with this tool john found a start to finish solution that got him running since day one. John only had to enter information only once, the cutting edge estimating tool help john price out plans and options allowing him to find tuned options to find the right profit margins. With a click of a button John generated Purchase orders, subcontracts from his estimates and change orders.


Let’s look at how construction software makes commercial building easier, with PlanSwift you will handling you large volume of estimates and bids easier than ever. Software allows you too quickly and accurately determined the cost of the job, the estimating tools let you draw information from previously bids and projects. Managing multiple schedules per job including conflict control and trading notifications is a breeze.