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P6 Primavera Project Planner

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Primavera software is the best tools for the management of the business. This has been launched by the systems of the primavera. It was launched in 2008 by the oracle corporation. This software helps in the following operations, like:

  • Management of the project
  • Management of the product
  • Collaboration of all the management programs
  • Capability to control the programs
  • Well integrated with the following disciplines of the software enterprises, like:
  • Oracle
  • SAP’s ERP system

Working of the P6 Primavera Project Planner

Primavera is the tools that are the best for the management of the projects that occur at the global level & thus makes the chances of the success more & more. The working is mostly done by managing the projects at the high levels & many other tasks of this software are as follows:

  • Any size of the project is manageable
  • Mostly it is cloud based
  • Well, fast & easy to use
  • Well solution for the global prioritizing
  • Helps in planning
  • Works well by managing
  • Works in executing the projects
  • Programs are managed
  • Portfolios solution

Features of P6 Primavera Project Planner

This is the best tool to offer the best collaboration of the management of the business with the other projects among the business men. Yet, there lie so many features of using this software & these features are as follows:

  • Best helps in the processes of communication
  • Allows the team collaboration
  • Best communicates the members & management of the project
  • Quickly updates the whole project
  • Well approved for the work of the project
  • There is full backup plan on the cloud-based system due to the power supplied by the oracle
  • Not only the individual projects are done & managed but also the projects at the higher level & large scale based projects are well-established here.
  • Help in the planning as well as the schedule decisions
  • There are many strategies used for the project but this software gives the best strategy for the project management
  • There are many resources provided & the capacity is there
  • Searches for you the best resources
  • Helps in tracking the progress of the management of the project
  • The performance of the project is checked on the daily basis
  • Best helps in the visualizations of the projects
  • Helps in the team working & collaborations
  • Financial management
  • Management system is well & quick & supports a lot

There are about up to 100, 000 projects that are well planned here. There are so many projects of the management in the business that are needed t be handled but there is nothing to be the worry as this software helps in managing the projects.

P6 Primavera Project Planner

P6 Primavera Project Planner

System Requirements

The requirements are as follows:

  • Full size of the setup file: 629 MB
  • Windows: 98, 2000, 7, 8, XP 7 Vista
  • Memory in RAM required: 256 MB RAM
  • Free space on the hard disk required: 100 MB
  • Processor: 133MHz Intel Premium or faster
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