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McAfee Total Protection 2009

Overview of McAfee Total Protection 2009

There come so many dangers, threats & viruses to our systems but this software has been designed in order to save your system from all those threats & to give protection to all of your data present in the system. This software gives the comprehensive protection to the computer & devices. This software acts as the silent spy & thus gives the silent protection by destroying & eliminating all the threats. This software gives the quick & full on protection. In the comparison of the other protectors, this software gives the best protection of all & thus it is the number one throughout the world.

This software does not allow the performance of the system to slow down. In fact, the malware threats are not allowed to reach the systems. There are no rough functions or any errors in this software. This helps a lot in protecting the system. In order to make free the system from any threats, it is recommended the best, because this provides all round protection to your systems. This software gives the technology against the malware functions.

This is not only a single package but various other multiples of the functions are connected with this software as well. This software at a time acts as anti-malware & anti-virus but also is a firewall protector that is usually 2 in number. With the help of various tools, helps in decreasing the threats as well as makes your identity private. Online web tool allows the scanning of the whole system & this scanning is usually error-free.

There are many kinds of the search engines over the internet & thus this software allows those search engines to be filtered through the scanning process & then allows opening the site, that is, every site & thing or file related to the internet will be virus scanned & error free as well. Allows the search engines the age restricted contents to avoid from the children. This software allows the great tools for the scanning.

Features of the McAfee Total Protection 2009

There are some unique features of the software that are very clear & these are as follows;

  • Interface is very friendly
  • All the functions are straightforward
  • The usage is very simple & easy
  • Performance is very efficient
  • Tools are very efficient
  • Quick processing
  • Helps in preventing the systems
  • Comprehensive protection
  • Equipped with advanced tools
  • Tools for the backup are also present
  • Internet catches & other viruses are cleared very quick
  • Identity is protected
    McAfee Total Protection 2009

    McAfee Total Protection 2009

System Requirements for this Software

There are some requirements for the software in order to run & thus provides the protection if these requirements are fulfilled. The system requirements are as follows;

  • The full size of the setup is 89.6 MB
  • This software works on the Windows like Vista, 7, 8, etc.
  • The memory in the RAM required is 256 MB RAM
  • The free space on the hard disk required is 150 MB
  • The processor requires is Intel premium 4 or the later.