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VLC a Media Player

Review of VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an award winning & very beneficial player in order to play the videos or audios of all formats. It is a multi-media player that is very supportive. This media player is very open, free & best source or platform for the media players. There are many multimedia files that can be able to operate & supported by this media player like DVD, audio, videos & so many other such protocols that actually related to the streaming. The versions of the media players get updated with the time automatically as well as manually.

What are the Unique Qualities of VLC Media Player?

It is obvious that for every kind of software, there are some unique features for which they are designed. The uniqueness of the VLC Media Player lies under these points. Consider these points & get know the value of the media player. The points are as follows;

  • Provides safe mode to get play on the devices
  • A powerful media
  • The browsing of the VLC media player is very fast
  • The working is very efficient
  • It is best for every format & plays the every object like webcams, devices, streaming, files & discs as well.
  • There is no need of any codec packs. It is supported with these. Not only this but without needing the codec, can also play the codec. Like (MPEG-2 & 4, H.264, MKV, WMV, WebM & MP3, etc.)
  • This media player almost runs on every kind of platform like Android systems, Windows of any version, MAC OS X, Linux & UNIX, etc.
  • The HD player can be applicable.
  • This is almost free at all as a whole
  • There are no any kind of spyware
  • Most importantly, there are no ads to disturb.
  • There is no need for the user track.
  • The customizing features are varied.
  • You can add the skin of your desire.
  • Even the skins of the player can also be editable.
  • Extensions can also be downloaded.
  • Screenshots can be taken.

There are varied unique features of the VLC Media Player.


Importance of VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is important among the software because this media player allows the streaming of any kind of the formats that have been described earlier. This player is freeware & the process of its installation is very easy. This can also be made a default player. This media player has got much fame among all the media players. It is interesting to know that online radio can also be played over this player.

VLC a Media Player

VLC a Media Player

VLC Media Player as Online Downloader

VLC Media Player can also be used for the purpose of downloading online direct from the YouTube. This makes a combo of browser & player. You can download any video from the YouTube or another site link. You just need to copy the URL address & thus the process is simple. Follow the steps;

  1. Firstly, open the media player. Then click on the network icon. In the empty bar given below, paste the URL address & thus on the play a click is made.
  2. Then the streaming of video gets started. From Tools click the codec, from there you will have to decide the location. The URL address can be copied as well paste in the bar & thus, a player will start playing the video & you can save it.