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Anime Studio Pro 11


For those, who are digital artists & studio professionals, this software by the name Anime Studio Pro 11 is the best for creating the animations. The animation can be able to be produced are of 2-dimensional levels. This is very helpful software in order to create the creativity that occurs in your mind on the screen of the studio with the help of this software to the whole world. This software gives a huge professional look to the characters that you designed & thus these characters are able to be animated as well. This animated tool software is all in one that is; it is very functional to the studio professionals & the artists as well.

Review of the Anime Studio Pro 11

The software Anime Studio Pro 11 is very functional & thus helps by;

  • Giving the flow to the work.
  • Giving the animation any style which you want or desire to form it into a specific shape.
  • Providing the bone rigging as well as the synchronization of the lips.
  • Initiating the timeline & increases the speed of the workflow.
  • Combining the characters by the frame to frame interface.
  • Giving the best & HD results by the combination of the 2 worlds of the animations.
  • No error in the functioning & animating.
  • Giving collaboration of the team in an easy way.
  • Giving powerful effects to the characters.
  • Giving the high-quality features that are incredibly very clean & deep, while the colors are fascinating & bold.

Important Information

The famous animated movie SONG OF THE SEA was awarded the Oscar-winning award due to the high features & best animations because the animations are made under the supervision of the Anime Studio Pro 11 & thus you can see the powerful high rate of this product.

Anime Studio Pro 11

Anime Studio Pro 11

System Requirements & other Details

The interface of the software is very magnificent. This software requires some requirements of the systems. These requirements must be fulfilled, otherwise, Anime Studio Pro 11 will not be functional in a proper way & thus the rating of the animation can be down or disturbed as well. So, it is very important to take a review of the system requirements & other important details. These requirements & the details are as follows;

  • Applicable & functional for the operating systems of 7, 8, Vista & XP windows.
  • Total memory in RAM required is 512 MB RAM.
  • The total space free on the hard disk should be 350 MB.
  • The best processor working should be Intel Premium 4 or the other after this.
  • The full size of the software is about 308 MB.
  • The setup can also be done offline or full setup can be obtained.
  • The compatibility of the systems should be 32 bit or 64 bit.
  • The free trial license is available.
  • The name of the developers is Smith Micro.
  • The availability of the software is from the Smith Micro homepage.