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DigiCel FlipBook ProHD


In making animations, there has to do a lot of work & there are many difficulties in order to develop an animated picture. Animation usually shows the movement of the pictures & these movements refers the animations that can be stopped animated pictures, they can be 2 dimensional or 2D, the may be known as 3 dimensional or 3D. This world of technology is the name of the animated world & now this work is not a difficult task to do. Much software has been discovered so far in order to make you ease in the world of technology.

About DigiCel FlipBook ProHD Software

Digicel FlipBook ProHD is very important software in regard to designing the animations. These animations can 2D or 3D. The Microsoft Windows & other operating systems can carry out this software. This is very useful software. In the world of advertisement & arts, this software plays a vital role. With the help of cameras, the drawings can be made physically & no doubt that this software is much magnificent.  This software is the best program for the making of the animations & in the case of studios, this software plays a great role to advertise their things as well.

The character can be selected by your own choice & then it can be drawn very easily, even you can give coloration to that image. After the drawing of your image, sound, playing ability & movement can be given to the character of yours. This software program allows the easy editing of the pictures, at the end, the results can be seen easily & rapidly. You will feel enjoyment while doing so, so let’s do try it after downloading the software, as it is a very easy installation program.

Features of the DigiCel FlipBook ProHD

There are following some of the features of this software. These are as follows;

    • Digicel FlipBook ProHD is very interesting handy type tool that is designed in order to give the drawings & editing of the pictures a professional animated look.
    • In a very easy manner, the animations can be made of any type of stoppable, 2D or 3D as well.
    • Your time is saved & there is no such wastage in the time of the professional animations.
    • The downloading of the software is very easy & takes less time in getting installed on the devices.
    • The real feedback can be obtained by the usage of different frameworks.
    • The quality obtained is very attractive.
    • The speed of the animations can be given the faster speed.
DigiCel FlipBook ProHD

DigiCel FlipBook ProHD

System Requirements & other Details

  • The full size of the file to be downloaded on the device is about 10MB.
  • There is a free trial of the license in order to get the full version.
  • The compatibility of the device is 32 bit as well as 64 bit.
  • This software is designed for all types of the operating systems.
  • The total memory of the RAM required is 256 RAM
  • The free space on the hard disk required is about 40 GB.

Just download the software & enjoy the interesting features of the software in case of animations to make them look professional.