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Plex and Other Cloud Based ERP Software for Manufacturing

Seems everywhere you turn you hear about the cloud, but don’t be fooled, not all enterprise cloud solutions are the same. Think about it, if you are viewing legacy client’s server software from a web browser then that’s not a real cloud solution. Plex ERP vendors have to devote precious resources to build and maintain all the integration between these different systems, they may high in cost and monthly fees and maintenance charges, then that’s not a real cloud solution. If your ERP depends upon a collection of different software programs acquired from other companies then that’s not a real cloud solution and if your software provider charges for users, licenses, and support separately then that’s not a real cloud solution, and why is that so important?


The bottom line is you pay more for less, if you use real cloud solutions you be getting real benefits like these:
• Lower cost
• Greater real time visibility
• Increased agility
The same tangible benefits Plex Manufacturing Cloud customers have enjoyed since day one. With the Plex manufacturing cloud the first and only 100% native cloud solution. Here is how it works, the Plex manufacturing cloud connects all your manufacturing activities. Supporting unlimited number of users on a single multi-tenant user interface, anywhere anytime, on any device. And updating everyone to same release automatically.


To continuously access new features improve productivity and maximize ROI. You can work with Plex vendors who patch together incompatible software charge you to maintain it and still don’t connect your entire operating or leverage Plex manufacturing class and get great real time visibility, increased agility and lower costs with a powerfully integrated SAS ERP solution.
ERP Software creates business software that is built for the web, using it you can access your business and financial applications from anywhere in the world using any device with a standard web browser. Because ERP Software are designed to run on the web, applications look and perform like desktop applications, yet they require no client software they can be reasonably maintained centrally coped and retrieved from anywhere. Like Acumatica, Plex, Epicor ERP 10, Sage ERP X3, SYSPro and others provides flexible deployment scenarios to match your business needs, you can either purchase some ERP software as an all-inclusive SAS solution with hardware, software, bandwidth storage upgrades.


You can also purchase a server license and host ERP software in your facilities you can opt to purchase and deploy your solution in a data center by purchasing a standard window hosting plan or cloud computing service.